Monday, January 13, 2014

Fitness Motivation

As I stated in my New Year's resolutions, one of my goals is to get fit this year. First of all, this is The Fat Lantern. It is by no means a fitness blog, and by most means a fatness blog. But I want to clarify my intentions. Being a fat slob is fun and delicious when kept under control. I am not promoting eating to death. However, when I eat good stuff (i.e. pizza, Chinese food, buffalo wings, etc.) I'm really going to EAT. My brain doesn't comprehend eating one slice of pizza. There is no such thing as one slice of pizza. If I'm going to eat pizza, I am going to clear my schedule, and I am going to destroy a pizza.

So that's that. Shifting back to the fitness side of things, I like to exercise and eat nutritious food because I like to feel healthy. Of course, I want my clothes to actually fit me and I love looking like a handsome son of a bitch. But ultimately, I like having energy and being healthy.

It's really easy to talk about eating fresh, healthy food and doing all sorts of workouts. The hard part is doing. Actually, I find that once I'm at the gym or in the middle of a run or DDP Yoga workout, I'm great. It's all downhill. The biggest challenge is finding the motivation to get up and start a workout or physically get to the gym. For me, motivation is everything. I need to be psyched and ready to pump some iron. Fitness is mostly psychological for me and if I find the right motivation and apply it to my life it makes it all a lot easier.

So where do I get most of my motivation? Guess. I'll give you 3 guesses and 2 don't count. Wrestling. OH HELL YEAH. It's no secret that I love professional wrestling. But did you know that professional wrestlers actually motivate me to stay healthy and exercise?

The misconception is that all wrestlers are roided out jockasses. Have there been some of those in the past? Yeah, probably. I don't know what goes on behind closed doors, but I do know that in order for them to do what they do, they need to train really, really hard. My favorite wrestlers are the guys who over the years (and for some, throughout my entire life) have inspired me to get off my ass and make fitness a part of my life. Does that mean I want to look like them? Not necessarily. But their character, charisma, physique, and attitude motivate me to work hard. My workout playlist is 70-80% wrestling theme music because just hearing it gets me jacked up. I have good weeks and I have bad weeks. I have good years and I have bad years. But whenever it's good, it's because I look to my idols to give me inspiration to train.

It's not limited to wrestlers, however. I'm inspired by some classic movie stars as well. Movies are a huge part of my life and always have been. I grew up spending hours in front of the TV throwing punches and kicks, wishing I was like all of my favorite movie stars.

Talk talk talk (Type type type). That's all I do. I'm going to stop talking and introduce you to my top fitness idols:

Recently, I've really been focusing on DDP Yoga. Not only are the workouts my favorite to do, but the stories of how many lives it's changed are really inspirational. More specifically, DDP and the DDP Yoga program have really helped two of my favorite wrestlers and idols, Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. I've seen those two in a really bad way and it warms my heart to see them looking cleaned up and better than ever in 2014 thanks to DDP and DDP Yoga.

My philosophy is that if you're motivated to exercise and eat healthy, you can get fit and stay healthy. However you need to get motivated is up to you, but you should find the things that will get you pumped up to do it.

What motivates you to get fit? I'd love to hear from all of you!

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