Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Concerns About The WWE Network

Last night, WWE announced the launch of the WWE Network. It sounds great. It will have original programming, a gigantic library of past ECW, WCW, and WWE PPV's, pre- and post-RAW and Smackdown content, and more. Plus, for $9.99 a month, you get all 12 yearly WWE PPV's. It's a huge step for WWE and professional wrestling.

This sounds exciting, but to be honest I'm a bit scared. I understand that for the price of Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble, the only 2 PPV's I usually buy, I can sign up for the WWE Network 24/7, all year which includes every other PPV and all of that other great content. Here's what scares me. What if I don't want the WWE Network? What if I'm comfortable with watching wrestling on a weekly basis and collecting/finding older clips and shows on my own? Will I be missing out? Will the WWE Network bring essential material to the table that I won't be getting by just watching RAW and Smackdown? Basically, if I stay a weekly WWE cable watching wrestling fan, will I be out of the loop and/or less of a wrestling fan because I don't have the WWE Network?

You can check out the official announcement of the WWE Network and all of the details here.

Maybe I'm too old school with my tastes, but I just don't want the wrestling business to advance to the point where being a fan becomes a full time job. What are your thoughts on this groundbreaking announcement?


  1. I look at it this way: I'm marginally a fan of what's going on today, and I'll get back to this in a second.

    There are lots of things that happened in the 80s and 90s that I'd like to relive, and I think that $10/month is a bargain to be able to do this from virtually anywhere. I scour youtube videos on the weekends while I lie in bed; this will give us a more organized platform to view a lot of things.

    The live feed seems interesting; it'll give us something to set our clocks to tune into.

    The $10/month is worth while for the PPVs alone, as you mention.

    So aside from the extensive library that will be available on demand, I think this will improve the current basic television shows. Having this and showing that people are interested will increase their ability to broker a good deal with television networks. At that point, both sides will have to put up or shut up. TV will have to pay good money to get them on, and, conversely, WWE will have to provide quality programming for television that garners ad revenues for the networks.

    The only negative I'm seeing with this whole thing is that we're going to have to hear Michael Cole blab about the network during television matches. I wish they would let it be it's thing and let the TV be it's thing.

  2. Honestly, I might actually get rid of Hulu Plus (Which I only use to watch WWE at this point) and pick up WWE Network. The $10 a month for every PPV is definitely worth it. And I hope it improves the shows. That's definitely a positive way that it can go. I just think that the Michael Cole stuff can get really out of hand and even now with Twitter, it totally takes me out of the moment. If this is controlled and they keep the wrestling in mind, it may be a great thing.