Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Best of Caption Figures #81-85!

It's the best of Caption Figures! Caption Figures is the official weekly Fat Lantern caption contest where I take pictures of my action figures and ask you (the reader) to come up with your own captions. Every 5 Caption Figures, I take a look at what you all submitted and choose my favorite caption for each week. Thank you to everyone who participated! Here are the best reader captions for Caption Figures #81-85!

Caption Figures #81

Pat: "To all my love slaves out there: Thunderlips is here. In the flesh, baby. The ultimate male versus... the ultimate meatball. Ha, ha, ha"

Caption Figures #82

Amanda: Riding invisible horses.

Caption Figures #83

Ian Austin: "Hey Flash, wanna play Duck Hunt?"

Caption Figures #84
derryX: "Whoops!"

Caption Figures #85

TheTrueHman: "I'm dee only half-faced robot in this toy collection, a hole!"

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