Monday, February 3, 2014

The Fat Lantern: The Everything Blog

I've reached a crossroad with this blog. When I started it, I envisioned it as an outlet for all things comic book related. It was great. However, it's been over two years and it's hard for me to keep up, just talking about one topic. I am a man with many interests and obsessions. I've put so much effort into making comics the focus, trying to relate everything to comics, when what I am much more comfortable doing is making me the focus, relating everything to me. That comes across way more selfish now that I wrote it out. But it is what it is.

I am not saying this because I'm less into comics and/or reading less. As a matter of fact, I think I'm subscribed to more comics now than ever and my obsession is running wild. I'm also not saying that I'm going to stop writing about comics. But for quite some time now, I've been stressing out over the things I want to write about because I want to discuss my other interests, such as wrestling (my original, life-long passion), movies, and fitness, for example. And I do! But I've been feeling like I couldn't because this is a "comic book" blog.

Well I'm here to officially declare The Fat Lantern as an everything blog. I'm going to write about anything and everything that inspires me to sit at a computer and type away. So if you're a fan of comics, stay put! Wrestling? Hell yeah! Movies? Hold onto your seats! Action figures? Look out! Stories? Listen closely! Humor? Knock knock!

I'm going to be open about another thing that's been stressful for me. No matter how hard I try, I feel like I've been having an extremely difficult time getting a good amount of views for posts that I take a lot of time to write. Sure, this is a lot of fun and I love writing, but if I wanted a personal journal, I'd keep one under my pillow! I do this because I want a lot of people to read what I write and interact with me because I love talking about every single thing I put out on this blog. If you like something or have an opinion on something I write, leave a comment and share the post with your friends and family! Spread the word about The Fat Lantern blog on Facebook and Twitter and any other social media outlet.

Speaking of social media, I want people to follow me on Twitter because I want to connect with fans of comics and wrestling and action figures. I want people to like my Facebook page because we have fun and joke and have discussions and debates. If you already take time to read my blog posts and follow me on Twitter and Facebook, then I want to give you a big THANK YOU. I really appreciate it. But we all know that there are a lot more people out there that are fans of all of the interests I discuss, so my goal is to connect with as many of them as I possibly can.

This blog is about me and everything that defines me. I am Dominick. I am Hollywood Dominick. I am The Fat Lantern. I just have one request:

If you're ready to see The Fat Lantern become no holds barred, GIMME A HELL YEAH.